This Year’s Speakers

Friday – Kim S.

Coming to us from Pennsylvania.
Kim is retired but had a varied career
revolving around helping people, whether as a
Firefighter/EMT or completing drug/alcohol
assessments for Mahoning County, PA and
Youngstown courts. She says working with people
in the criminal justice system was joyous to her
because working with some of “the most pitiful,
smelliest bums … (kept her) grateful and real.”
Kim has 30 years of sobriety in AA.

Saturday – Scott L.

A resident of Nashville, Tennessee.
Scott committed to staying sober for 28 days on
June 28, 1984, and has remained sober ever since.
He has been active in corrections work for over 34
years. Scott says he has a sponsor and is a sponsor
to “some” guys. He loves AA with all her heart.
Scott will also be leading two special workshops,
one at 11:30 on Saturday morning
(“The Mistakes I’ve Made and the Lessons I’ve Learned”), and
another at 7:45 Sunday morning “Love Meditation.”

Saturday – Linda L.

Linda L. comes to our Round-Up from Nashville, TN with
her husband, Scott L. She has beeb with Al-Anon since 1987.
Her home group is known as Friday Friends. Linda believes in
service and sponsorship as important parts of her program.
When not doing talks or workshops, often with her husband,
she loves spending time with her grandchidren. Linda is always
grateful for service opportunities and excited to be at Round-up.

Sunday – Margaret M.

A resident of Phoenix, Arizona
Margaret has been sober since April 19, 1983
She works with adults with physical and cognitive
disabilities. She truly enjoys her work and her sober
life which is “filled with music, magic, and cats.”

33rd Midwinter Roundup