2018 Events

(The Events Calendar is incomplete. It will be completed as information becomes available)

          Friday, February 9, 2018
3:00PM A.A. Kickoff Speaker: Katie S.
5:30PM A.A. Early Bird Speaker:Tom B.
    7:00PM Al-Anon Kickoff: The Gifts Of Recovery – Patti R.
    7:00PM Alateen Kickoff:The Gifts Of Recovery. Hosted:Keep It Simple – Ithaca Alateen
8:00PM A.A. Friday Opening Speaker: Don L. Bellingham, WA
    8:30PM Alateen Meeting (Alateens and AMIAS only): Hugs For Healing
    9:00PM Talent Show: To Sign Up, Call Dan S.585-590-4737 or E-Mail:
Click For Talent Show Flyer
    9:30PM Live Music: Kim Fetters & Andy Rudy Duo (Grand Ballroom) – ends at 12:30AM
    Ongoing: Alkathon & Al-Anon Spoken Here
    Saturday, February 10, 2018

    9:00AM AA Panels:
    “Ego Deflation” – Richard C. (Dick) Room D
    “God As I Understand Him” – Kelly S.Rooms B aqnd C
    “Meet Our District” – Coleen K. Room A
    9:00AM Al-Anon Panel:Receiving The Gift Of Hope – Nancy P.
    9:00AM Alateen Meeting(Alateens and AMIAS Only) : Hosted: Keep It Simple – Ithaca Alateen
    10:15AM AA Panels:
    “I am Responsible” – Bob T. Room A
    “Sharing Our Own Experience” – Donna M Room D
    “Ask It Basket” – Mary H. Rooms B and C
    10:20AM Alateen Meeting(Alateens and AMIAS Only) : Hosted: Keep It Simple – Ithaca Alateen
    10:30AM Al-Anon Panel: Receiving The Gift Of Giving In Today – Connie R.
    11:30AM A.A. Area Delegate: Joseph S. (Area 47 delegate, Panel 67)
    1:00PM Al-Anon Panel: Receiving The Gift Of Giving – Deb G.
    1:00PM AA Panels:
    “Old Timers Panel” – Mary B. Rooms B and C
    “Freedom From Bondage” – John S. Room D
    “Using The Book” – Suzanne B. Room A
    1:00PM TBD
    2:30PM Alateen Main Speaker: TBD
2:30PM Al-Anon Main Speaker: Gordy B. – Seattle WA
    4:00PM “Bill W.” (movie) – Grand Ballroom
    6:30PM Banquet Dinner – followed by Sobriety Countdown
    6:30PM Alateen Pizza Party and Fellowship (Alateen & AMIAS Only)
8:00PM A.A. Keynote Speaker: Debbie D. Concord, CA
    9:10PM “Bill W.” (movie) – Grand Ballroom (with Popcorn Machine!)
    9:30PM Dance – Cotillion Room -Live Band: Billionaires
    Ongoing: Alkathon & Al-Anon Spoken Here
    Sunday, February 11, 2018
    9:00AM Al-Anon Spirituality Speaker: Diane C.
    9:00AM Alateen Spirituality Speaker: Precia
    9:00AM AA Spirituality Panel – Moderator: James D.
10:30AM A.A. Spirituality Speaker: Amy M. Aurora, CO (Note Change)
    10:30AM Alateen Kick Out Meeting Speaker:”Inventory and Gratitude” Hosted: Ithaca Alateen
    11:50AM Chairman’s Final Comments
31st Midwinter Roundup

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